Skyline Launches New Skyline Commercial REIT!

Posted On May 1, 2012

We are thrilled to announce the official launch of the Skyline Commercial REIT. With nearly 10 years of proven experience managing commercial property and with over $104 million worth of commercial properties within the existing Skyline Apartment REIT portfolio, Skyline and its group of companies will be capitalizing on their expertise, resources and current opportunities in the market to build a new REIT under the Skyline brand.

The Skyline Commercial REIT will be managed and operated with the same principles and philosophies that are intrinsic to the Skyline brand. Some highlights of the NEW Skyline Commercial REIT include;
• $10 initial unit price
•Targeted 9% annual distribution rate paid monthly
•Targeted 80- 90% payout ratio
• Focus on solid markets with strong tenant covenants

This new REIT will now provide investors with two Skyline products to choose from. We will also be able to specifically target acquisitions that are suitable for each unique REIT and continue to build upon Skyline’s solid track record. If you would like to learn more about this new Skyline Commercial REIT or how you can invest, please contact the Skyline Wealth Management Investor Relations Department directly at 1.800.800.7368 or click here to send an email.