Maria Duckett Head Shot

Maria Duckett

Vice President, Skyline Commercial Management Inc.

As the Vice President of Skyline Commercial Management Inc., Maria directs all operations for Skyline’s commercial and retail property management company, which manages dozens of properties Canada-wide in Skyline’s Commercial and Retail REIT portfolios. Maria oversees budgets, staffing, acquisitions/dispositions, and project management, as well as the daily internal operations of more than 30 Skyline Commercial staff across three corporate offices in Ontario.

Maria began her career at Skyline in 2007 as the company’s Office Manager, simultaneously taking on HR management tasks and lending support to Skyline’s acquisitions team. As Skyline grew, Maria’s role shifted to the business operations side of the company, with her staff supporting multi-residential properties in more than a dozen geographic regions across Canada. Maria has presently shifted her focus to Skyline’s ever-growing commercial and retail asset portfolios.

Maria is passionate about empowering her staff, and very involved in the training procedures of her employees, having helped to develop the various training programs that introduce all property management staff to Skyline. She recognizes the importance of staying connected with the fast-paced Canadian commercial and retail real estate industry—in fact, the busy pace of her role is one of her favourite parts of her career. Most of all, Maria takes pride in helping to provide people well-maintained and professional places to do business.